The cabinets are essential to make the environment more elegant and organized. So, Ornare develops exclusive lines to create the perfect space, according to the profile of each client.


Ornare seeks excellence for its products, developing dream kitchens. The lines are drawn with care, and details make the difference. Click and see!


Line of furniture that adds to the environment, such as benches ans coat racks. The inspiration comes from the works of artist and sculptor Sergio Camargo, who used many wooden cylinders. The idea was to make rotary-cut parts such as his, with simple and sophisticated fittings.


Bathrooms are relaxing environments that deserve attention. They build their way on the creativity of architects and interior designers, becoming even more charming! Ornare develops complete lines for your home and office.

Wall System

The elements that make up this collection furnish and decorate the house as a single environment: coatings, cabinets, closets, bathrooms and kitchens are interpreted as elements that generate interconnected and harmonic places. The Wide System, the symbol of the new collection, consists of modular panels, support profiles, furniture and shelves of different shapes and thicknesses available in a wide range of materials, colors and finishes. The composition of these elements generates multiple configurations to suit all needs and environments.


Trays everywhere. Emporio is a collection of trays integrated into the Wall system. Indeed, the trays can be merged with the wall panels of the system, creating modular and standalone units. In addition, these containers can be easily removed from the holder and placed on a shelf, or used to carry objects because of their comfortable handling. Available sizes: rectangular 1 (LxDXH1 and H2cm) and rectangular 1 (LxDXH1 and H2cm)

International Kitchens

The cuisine of a country is part of the lifestyle of this society, of the cultural convergence, and of the demands of a society that also result in the search for quality in all aspects of life. Designing a kitchen means, therefore, to travel the world a little, through the preparation of the dishes, the living space shapes, their rhythms and their colors. We chose Italy, France, Mexico, Japan and, of course, Brazil to explore different ways of living the kitchen, through a typical recipe of the country, introducing elements based on their preparation process.